What is My NX?
Your own personal space to check your purchase history, points and gifts verified with Big Hit Membership QR Card.
My NX’s special benefits!
Earn Points
Earn points that can be used in the Big Hit Shop.
Receive Gifts
Receive surprise gifts such as video cards and city emblems.
Record Experience
Record places you’ve been to such as exhibitions and concerts.
How do I get the
Big Hit Membership QR Card?
Buy Albums
Buy Armybomb
Visit Exhibition
Visit Concert
Available through variety of on offline channels.
(we will provide through more channels in the future)
Don't forget to take the QR card!
How can I get the benefits through Big Hit Membership QR Card?
1. Login to Big Hit Shop
2. Scan QR code
3. Earn points
4. Check My NX
Earn points and visit venue to collect
1. You can do QR purchase verification on mobile device ONLY.
2. You can scan QR codes through service that can recognize QR Codes. (Please search for ‘QR scan’ through search engines for more information)
3. You can participate in the membership survey only once per account.
4. Each QR code is valid only once.
5. Purchase History verified by the QR Code can be seen on the MY NX Screen.
6. In case of any errors related to the membership survey occurs, please contact through 1:1 inquires from ‘My Page’.
7. This survey does not require, collect or store any personal sensitive information. The survey results will be only used for statistics and analytic purposes.